We believe that IT is only an enhancement and act as a tool for us to improve and compete in the adjusting industry in general.  As we progress towards the digital age, almost all of our adjusters are equipped with lap-tops to ensure faster communication and submission of cases via the internet.  All of our adjusters are well-trained proficient in using Merimen and One Works to ensure fast and efficient submission of reports to our principals.  In addition, the adjusters are equipped with the latest digital cameras for faster uploading and storing purposes. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to ensure fast reporting, we have incorporated a sophisticated color printer system allowing instant printing of photographs.  The printer station that we have set-up in our head office is specifically for faster production of reports to our principals.

In addition, ZAMA has developed its own Adjuster Management System (AMS) to ensure fast and efficient management of cases submitted by our principals.  The AMS helps ZAMA in ensuring fast response to any inquiry that our principals might have pertaining to a particular case.   Furthermore, the AMS is also linked to our customized accounting system and is able to generate accounting inquiries almost immediately with just a click away and hence improving our response time.

Secondly, we also believe that by developing our people we could develop our competitive edge. All our employees are encouraged to develop themselves by attending courses organized by The Malaysian Insurance Institute, Dale Carnegie and the Malaysian Institute of Management.  The core values that we instill in our employees are teamwork, speed, integrity and quality. ZAMA believes that by having enthusiastic group of employees that uphold our core values,   ZAMA would be able to achieve its goals by 2012